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The Zürcher Zentrum Musikerhand (ZZM) is embedded into the department for music physiology, musicians’ medicine und health prevention of the Zurich University of the Arts. Here, the measuring devices developed by Christoph Wagner, which had previously been in Hannover, are available again.

Interested Musicians can contact the centre anytime.


Horst Hildebrandt

Prof. Dr. med. Dipl. mus. Horst Hildebrandt, Zürich
Born in Marburg, studied violin in Freiburg and London as well as medicine in Freiburg. Continuing education in sensori- and psychomotor therapy and pain therapy. Formation as Dispokinesis therapist. Member of the Bundesjugendorchester and the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie. Professional activity as violinist in opera and radio broadcast orchestras. First violinist of the Hilaros-Quartet, other orchestras and from 1988 of the Ensemble Aventure Freiburg. 25 years of teaching at music schools as well as lecturer at music universities and for orchestras. Jury member at competitions for string instruments. Counselling for professional musicians in health prevention and therapy. Development of the musico-physiological consultation pilot project at the Lahr Music School. From 1997 founding and head of the Music Physiology and Musicians` Medicine Section at the Zurich / Winterthur Music College, now Zurich University of the Arts – main areas: Research and Seminaries on health prevention, psycho-physiological training for vocal and instrumental performance.  Head of the Master of Advanced Studies program in Music Physiology. Individual counselling and advisory activity in music physiology for methodological and subject-related didactics groups / main subject classes. Founder and member of the leading committee of the  Swiss University Centre for Music Physiology. Associated Fellow of the Collegium Helveticum of the Zurich University and the ETH Zurich.

Tel.: 0041 (0)43 446 51 20

Oliver Margulies
Dr. Oliver Margulies - PhD, MA, MAS, Zürich

BA and MA studies for violin with R. Zimansky and A. Oprean and viola with Hatto Beyerle. 2005 to 2007 member of the UBS Verbier Festival Orchestra and 2005 of the Lucerne Festival Academy. Freelance work as chamber musician and in Swiss orchestras. Since 2007 Teacher at the Zurich Music School and Conservatory.

2008 certificate as Dispokinesis teacher. Counselling and group courses in Dispokinesis. 2011 MAS degree in Music Physiology earned at the ZHdK. Since 2009 teacher for workshops in music physiology and lectureship at the Vorarlberg State Conservatory as well as the Zurich Music School and Conservatory of Zurich. Further education lectures and workshops in music physiology for all levels of music education. 2009 Co-founder of the Zurich Centre for Musicians’ Hands. From 2010, part-time assistant researcher and lecturer at at the music department of the ZHdK. PhD earned 2018 in Scientific Music Pedagogy (PhD cooperation program between the University of Music and Performing Arts (KUG) and the ZHdK).

mobil: 0041 (0)78 815 05 94


Ulrike Wohlwender
Prof. Ulrike Wohlwender, Stuttgart

Tel. 0049 - (0)6206 - 59 289



Spiraldynamik  Kooperation Spiraldynamik mit dem ZZM

Irene Spirgi, Physiotherapeutin (FBL Klein-Vogelbach)

Johanna Gutzwiller, Physiotherapeutin (ZHdK Zürich)

SHZM - Schweizerisches Hochschulzentrum für Musikphysiologie

ZZM of the ZHdK

Raum 6.H11
Pfingstweidstrasse 96

CH-8031 Zürich